guiding your customers through the forecourt safely and efficiently
guiding your customers throughthe forecourt safely and efficiently

The All New Patented Gazzign Forecourt Traffic Management System

The Gazzign System is a unique (INTERNATIONALLY PATENTED) LED wireless traffic management system that allows forecourt staff to direct customers to the  correct fuel grades that are available, quickly and safely.


Upon entering the forecourt, the customer is clearly shown which grades are at each dispenser array and whether the grade is available or not.


The Gazzign System also allows the operator to close one side or both sides of a dispenser during maintenance or if there's a vehicle breakdown or fuel spill. If required, the entire lane can be closed during fuel deliveries. The system can also be utilised for stock control by closing various pumps to balance up fuel grades across the site. Above all, your customers are kept informed easily and clearly. The system is operated remotely from the kiosk, or any other location as required.


Grades, pumps or lanes that are unavailable are shown by a simple clear bright RED LED X and grades available are shown by a clear bright GREEN LED √


The latest Gazzign Oracle (Multi-Com) System has a full HD superbright advertising facility that pays for the system within months and goes on to create a strong revenue stream. This added benefit allows even more information to be given to your customers.



The Gazzign Oracle (Multi-Com)


This latest addition to the Internationally Patented Gazzign Traffic Management System


A full HD Superbright LED IP67 rated display combines the Gazzign Traffic Management system with a fully customisable video and stills promotion facility.

Operated remotely from any location globally, the advertisng system allows the operator to generate a substantial revenue stream through selling valuable advertising space on the forecourt.



The Gazzign Mercury (Promo-Display)


A system that allows seperate advertising panels to be manually inserted below the Gazzign Grade availability section.

Original Scrolling Text Messsage Display

Advertising & Scrolling Text Combo Display

Below is a selection of signage that customers have to endure at present. Including plastic bags, tags, hand-written notes and a piece of cardboard with string

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