guiding your customers through the forecourt safely and efficiently
guiding your customers throughthe forecourt safely and efficiently

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The Gazzign Oracle is the latest addition to our range. Allowing HD video and high resolution images to be displayed in conjuction with the internationally patented Gazzign Traffic Managment system.



The Gazzign Oracle (Multi-Com)


The latest addition to the Gazzign range is the Gazzign Oracle. A full HD Superbright LED IP67 rated display to combines the patented Gazzign Traffic Management system plus a fully customisable video and stills promotion facility.

Operated from anywhere, the advertisng system allows the operator to generate a substatial revenue stream through selling valuable advertising time oon the forecourt.

The Gazzign Mercury (Promo Display)


Here we have the standard Gazzign Traffic Management System with the added benefit of a sliding advertising display function. Multiple advertising panels can be manually inserted into the lower section of the display.

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